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Hope everone is having a wonderful year so far despite it being January…didn’t understand why people call it the broke month until now! It totally sucks, but on the bright side…the only way is up.

This year started with a bang for me spiritually. Suddenly I’m faced with all these questions that I cannot answer because I’ve grown up “believing” instead of “knowing”. Truth be told, the path to spirituality is a lonely one.You lose a lot of friends when you stop believing and start knowing. This will certainly confuse a lot of people but as soon as you start taking pride in being African, and start researching our beautiful history before slavery , only then do you realise that we have been fooled for such a long time it’s almost laughable. All the answers are buried deep within Kemet and other African civilizations. Where us Kings and Queens reigned supreme before the Arabs and Europeans.

Sadly I’m not ready to delve deep into this as I still have lots to discover and unfold, but for anyone that is AWARE and CONSCIOUS kindly email or comment and let’s have a chat. Looking for the awake community in Africa…oh the irony…

For this shoot I went pretty dark. Lol I’m not always in skirts and dresses looking all glammed up. I do like to experiment once in a while and play around with my style. I tend to gravitate towards black a lot and I’m trying to change that, so I thought I’d go IN one last time and then perhaps be done with black for a while. Seems fitting however given my current mood as I grow and learn.



BELT5118.JPG BELT5119-Edit BELT5123


#Hack : If you’re dying for a black lip and like couldn’t and still can’t find black lippy locally, the thick black kohl eyeliner pencil is a perfect hack and surprisingly lasts for hours! Just put it on, apply some gloss if you don’t prefer the matte look like I do, and PRESTO!


Peace and love,


Pics by the amazing  @BELETENEGUSIE






As the year winds up I, like everyone else I should hope, have had to look back and determine if it has been a successful year or not. I’ve come to the conclusion that all in all, bar a few achievements, it’s been as unaccomplished as every other before! Yes, I said it. Hell, I don’t even make resolutions and I still manage to eff it up.

I say this because I’m a very harsh critic of myself and I very well know what I’m capable of. Months have come and gone with no significant change. Little growth. Laughable bank account. Unnecessary friends. Unaccomplished goals etc etc. But all is not lost. I did meet some (two) amazing people this year, got rid of chaff, got my health and fitness back in check, my mental stability is just about perfect (lol), and above all else, I have become more aware of the world I live in. I have found pride in my African self, therefore I have began to love myself wholly and completely(I do love myself more in that make up though!Let’s not play! )

As 2016 approaches I plan to lace up my boots and continue this journey of self discovery, with the ultimate goal of being at peace, helping others find peace and happiness and generally making sure that what I choose to do with my time leaves this place better than I found it. I’ve had the realisation that the reason I’ve been stressed out and struggling is because the only thing in my mind was how to make this money! Instead I should have been focusing on how to solve problems, solutions to everyday obstacles. What do people need to make their lives easier? I feel with this sort of genius mindset, where it’s ultimately not about self gain, we could go very far.

This being my last post of 2015, I would like to wish you a happy, peaceful, year of growth. Keep challenging yourself or 2017 will find you just as you are right now, sitting there reading Lisa Gaitho’s posts.

Speaking of which, paired this DIY skirt with a gifted body suit, black pumps and a trench(purchased for all of Ksh500 from Toi Market).

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I got nothin’



First of all the weather totally sucks! Yeah, I is gonna start with weather talk! As my header says, or I should say warns, I don’t really have much to say today. Just got back from a wonderful trip to Dar es salaam and the weather there is beyond fantastic! Thinking of moving there early next year and probably will if all goes well. For some reason I just like being around water. Cape Town definitely served me well and I’m thinking Dar is next! But then again who knows!

Also wondering why my wordpress looks strange right now. Did they update this damn thing, or did I mess it up??? 

Anywho, didn’t get a lot of feedback on my previous post. I gather not many people agreed with me. Which is ok because everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and views. Will I judge y’all a little bit? Lol, probably. 

Wore this simple black dress to run around town(yeah right). Anita made this in like 10 minutes. I’m still fighting with the machine when it comes to joining sleeves . Let me love and leave you before I start ranting about stuff I really have no business sharing. I did an interview recently and said a lot of stuff I probably shouldn’t have. I cringe when I think of it coming out! I never learn!

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Hello folks!


Been a while…I do have a day job, lol! Hope everyone is great and looking forward to end of year festivities. I personally have nothing planned yet but I’m totes excited nonetheless.

I have been working my butt off in the gym as stated in my previous post and I can already see amazing results! For those asking I train at the Nyayo stadium gym just because it’s really convenient. They have all the equipment you could possibly need and wonderful trainers. Been training with NUFIT 5 days a week, but more on that later.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of late concerning self love. I don’t mean just basic self love,but true, through and through, love of self. Loving the skin I’m in, the hair that grows on my head, the subtle mounds on my chest, the tapering of my waist, the fullness of my hips and derriere, the dip of my lower back, the thickness of my thighs, my fat calves that unrealistically taper into skinny ankles and bony feet. Why do we work so hard to change our natural selves when we are naturally so beautifully made? Why do we want to lighten or darken(me)our skin when the melanin glow or caramel tones are what make us unique to any other species? Why do we hide our beautiful hair behind weaves and perms and other forms of hair that mimic that of another race?

The more I think about it the more I see that despite our ‘independence” and false sense of freedom, we’re still slaves. Slaves to the mentality that “those people” are better that we are. They’re superior to us. Their skin is more beautiful , their hair more lustrous and so much better and worth the hours and thousands we spend at salons trying to achieve a similar look. I hate the fact that this is the world we live in. That it’s so normal to want to look totally opposite of what we are. Let’s not even talk about the detriment of culture and tradition. It’s barely there in what we now term as “modern” households. Why do we refer to the loss of ourselves as modernization??Like what we were prior to that was backward? In truth it was the purest form of humanity. I’m disgusted to think that I’ve been living life trying so hard to be something other than myself and I have made a vow to revert to what being African really means. In all sense of the word. No more idolising unAfrican cultures,traditions and people. I refuse to take my culture and tradition for granted. I refuse to flee the motherland in search of a “better life”. I will live as a proud African and will run an African household. My children will be undoubtedly African. They will learn how to use a pot and three stones to make their dinner. They will learn how to play the drums and sing traditional songs(ahem, we shall  that learn together). As I continue with my journey on self-discovery,self-love and appreciation, as I grow into the African queen that I was destined to be, I ask that you all take some time to think about yourself. Your SELF. No, it’s not just hair! No it’s not just because it’s easy to maintain. That’s all rubbish! Someone taught you that, and someone else taught that person and it goes way way back. UNlearn it. Appreciate the beauty you hold deep within and suppress all the voices that tell you otherwise. It’s time to be proud to be African and I’m at the very front of the line.

PS: I would like to thank a certain SW for opening up my mind without even realising it.

Stylewise, it’s quite obvious that my go to pieces are fitted midi or full length skirts, and crops or chest freeing tops. Not only do they keep everything in place regardless of size and structure, they lend a heightened sense of femininity that all females need. Paired my skirt with a black top that comes in handy both as inner or outerwear, and a black fabric choker. Layered that with the heaviest, most authentic leather jacket that I have ever set my eyes on! I love the white and fringe detail and I can’t believe I almost passed this up! Bought it for…wait for it…Ksh 1500!!!Almost feel guilty!







Skirt – DIY

Top – I forget

Leather jacket – Guy on the street

Sandals – Gifted by Miss Hazel of @Hazedstyle




Hope you’ve all been well. I’ve been busy here and there. Finally resumed my fitness journey after a 8 month hiatus! I’ve added about 10kg since moving back to Kenya and I AM NOT PLEASED! I was pescaterian and only ate brown rice and used whole wheat flour amd whole wheat pasta when I lived alone, but now I haven’t been able to put down chapati’s! Therefore, with the help of a trainer and meal plan I’m now on a mission to get fit again. I’ll probably have a post about my rigorous training and meal plan next week. Basically, I eat 6 times a day and train 4/5days a week. Focusing on carb cycling and truth be told I’m already seeing results one week in!More on that next week. Had these long braids installed as well just because I really don’t want to deal with my natural hair at all! Toying around with the idea of cutting it and starting all over again!


For this post I went with all white. Woke up early to make this with some fabric that i had sitting around. I had only planned to make this skirt that I saw Kim K wearing, but ended up making this top as well with the extra fabric. Didn’t get a picture of the back unfortunately but it’s more or less the same as the front. I outdid myself!






495 b



Have a great week guys, until next time!





Hope everyone is doing great! It’s good to see more and more bloggers speaking up about their lives and random things they’re experiencing. Been going through a lot of local blogs lately just to see what’s happening in the blogosphere and I must say, I’ve been missing out on quite a lot!


Paired this Palazzo pants that I got from none other than Toi for about Ksh250 with this panelled that I haven’t worn in almost a year. Like 3/4 of my wardrobe. Guilty of purchasing stuff and shoving them into my closet where they stay unworn and neglected for ages. Everything has it’s time I say.

Shot this look after Anita and I went out to lunch..haven’t eaten that much bad food in one seating in months! Only problem is it shows! My indulgence resulted in a rounded midsection.Food doesn’t descriminate either; went to my face and fingers and butt..hell even down my toes! So while Anita has good reason to be rounded in that area and will have people ooh-ing and aahh-ing, all I have to look forward to is side eyes! This pregnancy isn’t good for me at all! Lol!

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Pants – Toi Thrift market

Top – Mr.Price Century city (Old)

Shoes – Century city (Old)

Thanks for stopping by.


Lisa the Bantu.


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It’s a new week and if you’re reading this your alive and well..so let’s take a minute and thank God for that. I’m not one to preach, I’ve been to church once in two years (the husband service hahaaa!)but I think it’s important to realize we don’t have control over life, so we shouldn’t take things for granted.

With that being said, I went all out on leather for this post. Had planned a double denim look with my own twist to it, but decided there’s been enough chest baring for a while, so why not tone it down a little bit. Best believe it will be all out “superman style” soon enough though! It IS my signature style after all.




Leather pants – Cape Town rank

Jacket – Traffic Century city

Flannel – Mr.Price Green market square

Heels – Gifted

Have a lovely week folks.


barbara header pic

Hello hello!

Once in a while I’ll be featuring people that I admire and get inspiration from…just to prove my modesty to y’all…it’s my blog but it’s not always going to be me me me!lol let’s face it, us Kenyans are a vain bunch, and I think the person who profits the most out of it is Kevin of Buoart!I bet that fella has no problems getting up for work!!Hope you guys are having a fabulous week so far. Let’s get right into it!

I’ve been following Barbora’s blog http://www.voguehaus.com/  and her instagram fashioninmysoul for quite a while now, simply because I find her sense of style endearing: simple,clean,stylish and occassionally edgy. She was kind enough to let me feature her on here…no diva behavior here *clap clap*! Although a lot of her pieces are high end, you can see that it’s every day items that you can find anywhere. I’ll be the first to tell you that I get a thrill from rummaging through piles and piles of clothes at thrift markets…ain’t no shame in my game! Anyone want to join me soon??


 Is fashion blogging your full time job or just part time?
I consider blogging my full-time job.
What inspired you get into fashion and who/what currently inspires you?
I was always interested in fashion, even as a child. I also liked taking pictures, so I thought that blogging would be connecting both things I like. Currently I am inspired by streetstyle, fashion shows and other bloggers.
What would you describe as your signature look??
I think that my signature look is simple, yet different, modern, yet classy.
What does fashion mean to you?
I like fashion, because it is one of the first things we notice about the others and also says a lot about us. I wear clothes to feel good and to inspire other people
How do you prep for a shoot and what’s your thought process when your pairing items together?
I just wear what I like. I don’t wear any special combinations for shootings, I simply wear what I usually wear, because I want to keep my blog authentic.
Have you heard of any African fashion bloggers or fashion brands? If yes what’s your take?
I unfortunately don’t know any African designers or brands.
If you could save only one thing in the world in terms of fashion pieces, what would it be?
Leather jacket, probably.
Have you had the chance to visit Africa yet? If yes, where? If not, would you like to? 
I’ve been to Egypt several times, but I would really love to see Cape Town and islands like Mauritius and Reunion.
Apart from killing it in fashion every goddamn time, what else do you do for fun?
I study, travel a lot, take pictures, meet my friends and just have fun.

What would you advice others to do in terms of self expression through fashion?

I think that fashion is something we express ourselves in, so don’t be shy, wear what you like and how you like it.




barbara feature6

barbara feature

barbara feature 2

barbara feature 8

Hope you guys are just as infatuated with her as I am. If you’re looking for simple ways to pair your denims, leather jackets and other casual wear, I suggest you check her out for some inspiration.

On another note, I’m considering planning a small gathering of bloggers and anyone interested in socializing and getting to know each other on a personal level. I’ve noticed there are so many bloggers out there and Lord knows I can’t keep up if I don’t personally know the writer. Let me know what you think about having a little get together!


Lisa the Bantu.



Ladies and gents,

Oh my word! Totally overwhelmed by the support you guys have shown me! It’s good to know that people want to read my rants and care enough to pass on a kind word! I live for interaction! The virtual kind mostly, because I can sit on the couch alone and converse with hundreds of people without having to wear foundation and do my eyebrows…which I’m not very good at as you’ll see shortly!Those damn things never wanna cooperate with me! In my defence the right one rubbed off as I was taking pictures of Anita! Next time I go first! Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dolled up, hence the blog, but that foundation/concealer/highlighter combo(I use MAC)isn’t cheap! And trust..after taking pics I don’t go anywhere! I just take lots of selfies to make it count…and send them to all the people on my recent chat list!

SN: If I post a picture on Instagram and someone unfollows me right after…well now that’s just rude!!!!!!Am I that offensive looking??It’s happened once or twice and I’m like *blink blink*. I’ve actually gone ahead to look at the said rude person’s page and it made me feel a bit better!”You ain’t Tyson Beckford or Gabrielle Union either!”*Hair flip*

I’ve been asked a lot about my hair. It was actually AnitA’s idea to try it out as we had a lot of Marley hair from a previous attempt to make natural hair wigs..total failure by the way! We’ll try do a tutorial together soon but basically I got my hair cornrowed(about 10), then I took an individual piece, hooked it onto a bobby pin, and passed the bobby pin through my braided hair. It took me all day and my arms ached like you wouldn’t believe,but overall I love the look! Only thing is that when this thing tangles…it tangles! And you can’t prevent it from tangling either!

Ok, let’s focus! I love this skirt! was actually a dress I made for my birthday, some of you might have seen it on my instagram..or on top of a table at Brew Bistro the night of! Lol I kid…I would never! I only stood on a few chairs! Hahaha ok, not really. Decided to turn it into a skirt after that so I can get more wear out of it. Paired it with a men’s oversize shirt and nude (white people nude! No idea what else to call them…beige perhaps??)heels that I bought online. Right here in Kenya no less. I was a bit skeptical at first because the pricing was good and they looked good online..but i went ahead and ordered these and in black as well and have to say I was pleasantly surprised! They are good quality and super comfortable! I’m all about supporting local entrepreneurs! The lady I dealt with was so sweet too, God bless her heart!







Jewelry is from Dubois Rd.

PS What would guys like to hear my two cents on? It’s pretty obvious I like to talk! Let’s converse!

Have a lovely week guys! Have something really interesting coming up! Going to feature a few people this week that I really admire and can’t wait to share them with you!


Lisa the Bantu.