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Hope everone is having a wonderful year so far despite it being January…didn’t understand why people call it the broke month until now! It totally sucks, but on the bright side…the only way is up.

This year started with a bang for me spiritually. Suddenly I’m faced with all these questions that I cannot answer because I’ve grown up “believing” instead of “knowing”. Truth be told, the path to spirituality is a lonely one.You lose a lot of friends when you stop believing and start knowing. This will certainly confuse a lot of people but as soon as you start taking pride in being African, and start researching our beautiful history before slavery , only then do you realise that we have been fooled for such a long time it’s almost laughable. All the answers are buried deep within Kemet and other African civilizations. Where us Kings and Queens reigned supreme before the Arabs and Europeans.

Sadly I’m not ready to delve deep into this as I still have lots to discover and unfold, but for anyone that is AWARE and CONSCIOUS kindly email or comment and let’s have a chat. Looking for the awake community in Africa…oh the irony…

For this shoot I went pretty dark. Lol I’m not always in skirts and dresses looking all glammed up. I do like to experiment once in a while and play around with my style. I tend to gravitate towards black a lot and I’m trying to change that, so I thought I’d go IN one last time and then perhaps be done with black for a while. Seems fitting however given my current mood as I grow and learn.



BELT5118.JPG BELT5119-Edit BELT5123


#Hack : If you’re dying for a black lip and like couldn’t and still can’t find black lippy locally, the thick black kohl eyeliner pencil is a perfect hack and surprisingly lasts for hours! Just put it on, apply some gloss if you don’t prefer the matte look like I do, and PRESTO!


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Pics by the amazing  @BELETENEGUSIE