Hello ladies and gents!

Oh my word! It’s been months and months since I came on here..not counting my candid rant like a month ago (how many of you caught that before I took it down I wonder?). To be honest I’ve had a really really difficult time coming into my own. Feels like everyone is halfway to the finish line and I’m still tying my shoes to get started. When I sit and think about it, it makes me crazy but you have to smile and keep pushing. It’s not easy having a twin let me tell you! My sister is gone with the wind fabulous! She’s married( practically), heavy with child, and has a successful blog and upcoming fashion line. I’m single, a little wild, and can’t seem to focus on anything for more than 10 minutes. It’s easy to look at us and compare and nothing irks me more! Ok, so I can’t buy dimples or have her butt…and God isn’t offering immaculate conception these days either…so what’s a girl to do?! Lol! This is me now…with all my random craziness! No more trying to fit in or tone myself down. Love me or leave me 🙂 but I’d rather we love each other..cuz I’m niiiiice!

My blog is currently being revamped but in the meantime I’ll post anyways..before I lose focus again. I plan to have loads of new things including my fitness journey..that I’m about to, food, candid moments that I’ll probably get a lot of backlash for..and loads more that I won’t mention lest my ideas are purloined!

I’d like to thank all those who send me DM’s and sweet messages about resuming this here blog. I hope we can truly interact and have this blog as a platform to share and live through each others moments in terms of fashion as well as all the other bs that plagues us humans.

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I’ll let my first(sic) post be this Iro&buba that twinster managed to post before me..ugh! Y’aaall i made this myself!!Morning of! Because my sister wouldn’t do it! And you say there’s benefits to having a twin! Hmph! I kid..she did help by running(wobbling??) around town looking for fabric while I worked elsewhere. So sweet.

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As you can see from the hair, (if you follow me on Instagram), this was a few weeks back. I HAVE been taking pictures for the blog!

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned! It’s going to be a fun ride!


Lisa the Bantu.


Do you dare


For my final post I thought I’d show a lot of leg. ok, first off let me start by saying that I know it seems like I’m always showing a lot of! If there’s something I’m proud of it’s my femininity. I play around with clothes and wear what flatters me. Granted, Kenya is a conservative state, and I have no qualms with it. If anything I think it keeps us in check because lawd knows if we could walk around the streets in whatever we please…some girls would bare it al! I think we should know how to accentuate our curves in a classy not trashy way. All these females garnering fame by wearing the skimpiest of clothes..if at all I can call them that, they forget that how people see you is quite important despite their frantic shouts of it’s my life I can do what I want with it . True, its your life, but its not your world and you certainly do not live alone in it. Sooner or later you will need people to take you seriously. The beauty of youth fades and nudity can only take you so far. But I digress…

this final piece is quite short but can easily be paired with hosiery. I love this playsuit because its very light. Throw on a trench coat over this if the night gets chilly. I’d probably wear this to a nice lounge for drinks. Not really a party girl anymore.


IMG_7611 rnewer


IMG_7614Playsuit – YDE

Sandals – Anita’s closet

Have yourselves a wonderful Valentines and weekend.




Hi guys,

Hope you guys are great. Had a pretty rough week as I experienced my first loss. Thought I’d be alone on valentines (not that it would have been bothered me one bit), turns out I’ll be surrounded by friends and all around. Point of the day really, innit? Promised to do a valentines series and under the circumstances, I think two more posts is more than enough. Counts for a series, yeah?

So for my first post I came up with a sexy dinner ensemble. To be honest I don’t think very many people own any fancy dinner dresses that would be deemed Valentines appropriate…I doubt I’d wear any even if I owned some..I mean I’m more of sexy-casual kinda girl and I think that would be a bit too much for me. Plus it would just sit in my closet after I wear it so cost per wear is totally non-existent.

IMG_7480Paired this high slit skirt with a lace high top. I think the lace is quite seductive on its own and a little bit of leg just vrooms it all up. Wouldn’t wear this on any other day I don’t think! Well maybe on my boo’s birthday..wherever he may be!lol!

IMG_7496 fin


IMG_7478Paired them with these sandals that I absolutely love.They’re pretty practical as they’re not so high. Can dance all night in this. Proven fact!

side note*

Decided to cover my hair for a while cause of the hassle. Went and had faux locs installed and I’m not quite sure how I feel about them yet. Oh well…

skirt – Cotton On

top – Rescued

shoes – Legit

Valentines series!


hi guys!

February is here so I guess 2015 is officially in full swing! Folks are already gearing up for Valentines (I’m not), so I figured why not do a series. The next couple of posts will feature Valentine inspired outfits, from casual to all dolled up. Its a shame I’ll probably be on my couch eating candy and watching a series on that special day. Like I’ve done for the last few years. I mean…I’d like to spend any day with my babe just cuddling and sipping on something, plenty of food and good music, but as luck would have it…it’s still not my year yet! Who says i can’t have my fun though! Went casual for the first look just so i could go crazy with the red. Maybe its just me but i don’t think red on Valentines is cliche’ at all! I quite like it actually! But only if done right.







I think by now everyone knows I like my necklines really low. All you females blessed with cleavage flaunt it all day! let me flaunt my chest! I kid. I just like the look of it to be honest. Wore this red high-waisted pants from StyleAlertSa( you can find her on instagram @stylealert-thuli)paired with this plaid flannel shirt and black sandals. If I gain any weight this pants will be for sale so fast!!!!I made the mistake of ordering a small to challenge myself to lose a pound or two….this was a few months ago…I’m still here..sigh! Lol don’t get me wrong I love my curves…but this pants wont let me shine!

Have a fabulous week guys! Thanks for stopping by!

pants – StyleAlertSa

flannel shirt – Mr.Price SA

neck piece – Colette

sandals – random boutique in Cape Town


Hello lovelies!


I’m clearly trying to make up for my absence! thought i’d make today a double post seeing as both revolve around my love for African anything.

I got this 2 piece Ghanaian fabric outfit made for me by a lovely lady that has a shop in Green market square where I used to live. the top is actually a crop top if worn with something with a lower waist line, but paired together it looks like a dress which i think is a bit more appropriate for Nairobi. The skirt is a bit short but its so free and wide..totes adorable!






shoes -backyard shoes

coat – thrifted in cpt

envelope clutch – Ngara or Toi ages ago

african accessories


hi lovelies!

Apologies i know its been about two weeks since my last post..need to work on consistency.

Hope you guys are great however!

Now, if you know me you know that I’m obsessed with anything African. I got this beaded neck/ shoulder piece on the streets of cape town and I’m just in love! It feels like I have a shawl on my shoulders. Definitely a conversational piece.

Paired it with this all black jumpsuit that I wish I’d got in another colour. I think I wear too much black and I’m trying to veer away from it a little bit.



Jumpsuit -Zara

Shoes- Steve Madden

feel free to leave comments and opinions…let’s chat!

simply wonderful!



So far the response to my new blog has been amazing! hope I don’t disappoint y’all!

In this post I wore the same shirt but with a pencil skirt from stylesketches, which is run by my twin. I loved it so much when I saw her in it I had her send two to cape town for me! Admittedly this shirt is a little bit risque’ and I wouldn’t advise anyone to wear this on the streets…seeing as in this is Kenya. You can tone it down however and wrap it up a little bit higher if you’re the conservative type.







sunnies-random store in cape town

necklace-Colette(canal walk,CPT)



hello Kenya!



now that i’m back home i figure there’s no better time to resume blogging. some of you may remember my first blog(gag) and i have to say i quite enjoyed myself during that time. I’ve grown and changed quite a lot since then i hope you enjoy this growth journey with me. this is basically my style diary and my opinions on certain matters that interest me at any particular time. expect lots of style, natural hair, fitness and healthy eating!

Keeping it really simple for my first post just because I’m still a little bit rusty and my computer is the devil!

I hope y’all welcome me into your cyber world! looking forward to your feedback!

love and happiness,









silk shirt-stylealertSA

sandals-steve madden